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Why Node.JS is awesome

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·Jan 29, 2022·

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Why Node.JS is awesome
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Table of contents

  • Why is Node amazing?
  • Why should I use it?

Node.js (Node) is an open source development platform for executing JavaScript code server-side. ... js is intended to run on a dedicated HTTP server and to employ a single thread with one process at a time. Node. js applications are event-based and run asynchronously

Have you ever wanted to have only one language for your entire app? You know, when you have to write one language for the frontend, such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and then another language for backend, such as PHP, Python, or Ruby?

Why is Node amazing?

  • Node.js makes it easy to implement real-time applications and network services. Check out socket.io!
  • Super fast compile speed! - NodeJS uses Chrome's V8 engine, which compiles the code really fast
  • There are tons of libraries! - Libraries such as ExpressJS and TailwindCSS really speed up the development process
  • Efficient performance.
  • Easier development process.
  • Reusable code.
  • Ability to handle multiple requests.
  • Ability to scale smoothly.
  • Prompt code execution.
  • Asynchronous and event-driven.
    • Now, there is no blocking of code, no wastage of CPU cycles, and everything runs in parallel. Another cool consequence of everything in Node being asynchronous is that all of Node runs on just one thread, and yet can handle millions of concurrent connections. Suck on that, PHP!
  • Supported by leading companies.

Why should I use it?

Here are a handful of websites which use NodeJS for their backend

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